Rote Hund Muzik


Under the direction of Dr. Cynthia Johnston Turner, Rote Hund Muzik is the University of Georgia's resident contemporary chamber music ensemble. In addition to programming performances of established works of the 20th and 21st century, Rote Hund functions as a workshop ensemble for student composers and graduate conducting students. The inaugural season of the Rote Hund Muzik ensemble featured performances of  Arnold Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire, and a concert of new UGA Composer works on the 2016 Classic City New Music Festival.  Rote Hund Muzik is not afraid to explore the unknown, address social (in)justices, and/or cross boundaries.

Rote Hund's Webpage may be found here: http://bands.uga.edu/content/rote-hund-muzik

Visit the media page for video and audio of some of Rote Hund Musik's recent performances.



The New Music Collective (NuMu) is a student-run organization based in Athens, GA, designed to promote living composers and new music performers through commissions, collaborations, and public performances (often in venues where the music reaches unlikely audiences).  These collaborations culminate in reading sessions, concerts, performances at local downtown venues, and are aimed at audiences that may not be exposed to modern classical music elsewhere. Through these performances, the organization promotes innovative, pluralistic worldview that contemporary music is known for, educates the public, makes classical music accessible for all, and encourages artistic development in pre-professional musicians and composers.




DawgBytes is a UGA-based electronic music ensemble. Performing primarily compositions by UGA student and facuty composers, DawgBytes explores the cutting-edge of technology in music and multimedia performance. Drawing on students who have taken the 2-semester course sequence in Electronic Music Composition (as well as students from outside the composition area with some electronic music experience and who are interested in laptopping), the ensemble works in a variety of environments (Max/MSP, Ableton Live, SuperCollider, ChucK, etc.) to explore the art of music composition in the digital world.